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All in one service. We are the one-stop turnkey solution provider for your place



Gsid designstudio (Golden Style Interior Design) is one of Thailand’s most solid and experienced companies providing design solutions and turnkey service to the commercial interior design scene in Bangkok. Since the early 90’s, Gsid has established its reputation for delivering the finest work within tight schedules giving more value to our clients.

With a long list of projects and numerous returning customers, we believe we are uniquely positioned to serve the always demanding market.


Be it contemporary, modern or a trendy design solution, Gsid is committed to provide a solution that suits your needs and requirement to guarantee the most efficient working schedule. Gsid we believe that by creating good design for our clients we establish solid and long lasting relationship.

​Gsid designtudio ( 金格室內設計股份有限公司 )是泰國最具實力和經驗的公司之一, 為曼谷的商業室內設計領域提供設計解決方案和交鑰匙服務。自 1990 年以來,Gsid 以在緊迫的時間表內交付最優秀的作品為我們的客戶提供更高質量而廣受好評。

擁有一長串項目和眾多回頭客,我們相信我們是獨一無二的定位於服務於始終要求苛刻 的市場。

無論是現代、現代還是時尚的設計解決方案,Gsid 都致力於提供適合您的需求和要求的 解決方案,以保證最高效的工作時間表。在 Gsid,我們相信通過為客戶創造良好的設計, 我們建立了穩固而持久的關係。


詹永錦 Yung ching chan

He started as a carpenter at age 17, learning to draw cad by hand at age 30. He decided to leave the furniture company and started his own business in Thailand 30 years ago. 


31-33 Chalermprakiat R. 9, Soi 14, Nong Bon, Prawet, Bangkok, Thailand 10250.


061 459 5864



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